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Discover the advantages of renting your office in CENECO.

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CENECO advantages

Our furnished offices are the easiest and fastest solution for your company. If you are looking to rent a private space for your facilities anywhere in the world, then you will be interested in CENECO, a high standing Business Center located in a historic and prestigious building recently renovated in Cornellà at 10 minutes from Barcelona one of the most cosmopolitan capitals of Europe.

In CENECO you will find private and furnished offices of different surfaces ready to connect your computer and start working immediately. In addition, as a tenant of our prestigious center you will benefit from shared facilities, such as meeting rooms, training rooms and kitchens, reception staff, and you will pay only for the services you need such as administrative support.

The monthly fee is fixed and guarantees a total control of costs. Our equipped offices are suitable for the majority of the companies. As much the offices as the meeting and training rooms can be rented for short periods.

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The whys and wherefores of Ceneco?

Why should you assign half of your initial investment to start up your business with an expensive office rental and maintenance costs if you can have the same services as a big company for much less?

A solution to face the crisis

The difficult economic environment in which we find ourselves is causing many companies choose to settle in a business center. In addition, the reduction in cost is not perceived only at the beginning, but it is a constant in the maintenance business. Thus, the monthly expenses are to be fixed, avoiding extras such as furniture, computer equipment, staff salaries, telephone, electricity, daily cleaning, air conditioning, security system, etc...

Today, entrepreneurs, SMEs and multinationals seeking a first location in our country, or different companies that need to open offices in new locations, are the main customers of Ceneco.

In this sense, for them there is not any other solution that can open now fully operational delegations so fast, flexible and economical. There are also many large companies who use our various services, as it provides the opening of branches and mobility, assessing the advantages of flexibility, the absence of immobilized or the possibility of opening offices without borrowing.
On the other hand, Ceneco can also become the best option for companies with financial difficulties to access the purchase of a traditional office, but also for which, given the current economic situation, must cut costs and minimize structures.

The savings in both time to start the activity as monthly, can be a 85% and 75%, respectively, relative to the cost of a traditional rental office. Therefore, in these times of cutbacks and economic adjustments, Ceneco becomes the most cost-effective and affordable for any entrepreneur willing to undertake a business project with a very limited investment.

What are the differences with respect to renting a traditional office?

With traditional offices you must face the costly task of installing and configuring your workspace. And for this you must:

  • Sign a lease for a specified period.
  • Buy furniture.
  • Make the necessary contracts for the supply of various services (telephone, Internet, electricity …).
  • Hire office staff.
  • Buy the computer equipment and communications.
  • Use of time, resources, and of course, money.

What happens if your space needs change?

Do not worry about anything. Ceneco offers spaces in different sizes and solutions, which may be adjusted any time to your needs. You only pay according to the space you have contracted in each moment.

What are the advantages of Ceneco with respect to a traditional office?

  1. Immediacy: “Reach out and start working.”
  2. Don’t worry about daily maintenance issues.
  3. Economic savings-investment: no financial risk, or investment in facilities, equipment and recruitment. Use of telecommunications systems already installed.
  4. Qualified and experienced staff available.
  5. No labor commitments.
  6. Full-time and permanent commitment to your business.
  7. Cost reduction.
  8. Better use of the space.
  9. Advanced Communication Systems.

Looking for a fully operational business address?

Are you starting a business? Does your company want to open market in Barcelona? A business address is the most efficient solution for a company in its creation, consolidation or expansion. You can work from home without renouncing to offer a professional image. Are you a self-employed, entrepreneur or young businessman and develop your activity from home, travel, or visit customers most of your time?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are an ideal candidate for the business address service. No need to wait to open your new office in Barcelona. Ceneco offers a high-end address for your company.

We are the most interesting option for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Between work from home and have an office, there is Ceneco.

Come and see CENECO and discover why we are a different business center.

If you want you can call the +34 93 475 06 21 or complete the form. We will contact you very soon.

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Ceneco is a business center located in Cornellà de Llobregat in an old factory of the nineteenth century.

In CENECO you can get your furnished office adapted to your needs. We have multiple services for businesses.


Centro de Negocios Cornellà

Av. dels Alps, 48
Cornellà de Llobregat - 08940
(+34) 93 475 06 21