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The best telephone answering CENECO

Telephone answering

Why work from home using your mobile phone and not knowing where to give an appointment to your customers when in Ceneco we can give the support you need?

We understand how important is nowadays the image a company projects to outside. This is the reason why we are just one of your business and serve your customers as if they were ours to strengthen your image and so you can spend 100% of your time to your business activity.

Are your lines often saturated with calls?

What if I say that we in Ceneco answer all your calls with your company name as if we were part of it?

Is it appropriate for my business?

If the size of your company is small, you will have great presence. The Ceneco staff will answer your calls in a personalized way, with the name of your company, and proceed to forward the calls to the numbers you indicate. Only the center’s staff will know that you are not physically in the office.

Come and see CENECO and discover why we are a different business center.

If you want you can call the +34 93 475 06 21 or complete the form. We will contact you very soon.
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Ceneco is a business center located in Cornellà de Llobregat in an old factory of the nineteenth century.

In CENECO you can get your furnished office adapted to your needs. We have multiple services for businesses.


Centro de Negocios Cornellà

Av. dels Alps, 48
Cornellà de Llobregat - 08940
(+34) 93 475 06 21